St. Mary's Church Huish Episcopi, Parish Church of Huish and Langport. 

    Reported in the Sunday Times (10/06/2018), Alexa - Amazon's voice control system for the home, has revealed that 1 in 10 users of the system are asking Alexa to say grace before a meal. Yes 1 in 10. The Church of England's prayer is:

    Bless Oh Lord this food to our use, and us in your service

     and keep us ever mindful of the needs of others. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord Amen.

                    Collects or Prayers for each week are issued in the Weekly Pew Sheets.

    A Prayer in Trinity
    God of Glory, the end of our searching,

    help us to lay aside all that prevents us from seeking your kingdom.

    and to give all that we have to gain the pearl beyond price,

    through our Saviour Jesus Christ . Amen